We love making communication big, and we love doing it in unexpected ways. AdCityMedia is your expert partner in outdoor media. With the most attractive locations in Sweden’s largest cities, we guarantee not only that you’ll reach a large audience, but also that you’ll get the attention you deserve. With our unique options for façade banners, big size outdoor digital screens and tailormade solutions we make cities come alive, and we bring your message to life to its citizens.

Our OOH solutions are not only smart and flexible, they’re also a sustainable choice. We work tirelessly to maximize the communication, and minimize the environmental impact. Our sustainability mindset is applied in everything we do, from the materials we choose, the printing techniques and lighting, to working with certified partners.

Get in touch today, we can’t wait to tell you more about our innovative print, our creative ideas and our sustainability mission!

When you merge two great things, OOH big formats and LED, it just gets even better. Real time updates and illuminated messages assures high observation scores for your ads.

AdCityMedia Retail
As convenience retail grows and shopper behaviours change, the impulse driven customer becomes increasingly important. The convenience retail is a fragmented market and highly competitive, which makes optimal visibility for your brand challenging. For this market, driven by thousands of entrepreneurs, AdCityMedia has developed a network of more than 600 stores. We can now offer visibility in digital screens right at the point of sales. In this fast moving, on-the-go environment full of spontaneous decisions, you and your brand can be there to influence the customer at the exact right time.